Monday, 21 May 2012

Think Tank Bemoans UK Coalition Rift On Marriage Tax Breaks

More bad news for UK marriages! With the UK government focussed on closing down tax loopholes and tax breaks, it seems that UK marriages are now under fire with the UK coalition looking to shit off marriage tax breaks.

Friday, 30 March 2012



A Pension Transfer

There a number of reasons to make a pension transfer, you may be retiring, moving overseas, looking to change your job or have been made redundant.  Whatever the reason, a pension transfer into another fund should be approached with caution. It is essential to check the benefits of any proposed pension fund before making a pension transfer, the financial position of both funds must be borne in mind and any new scheme should have the same rights as your current fund. A correctly placed pension fund is essential, investing in a jurisdiction with strong regulatory legislation will ensure a financially sound and stress-free retirement.

Advantages of a Pension Transfer

A pension transfer can be very beneficial if your current pension fund is underperforming; you can select a new fund with increased growth levels and lower management fee charges. Other reasons to consider a pension transfer are:

      Greater tax efficiencies including inheritance tax planning

      Protection of assets

      Investment  flexibility

      Access to global funds

      Tailored plan to suit your needs

Pension Transfer – Seek Advice before Making a Move

When looking to make a pension transfer it is best to seek the advice of an independent consultant who will make suggestions based on your particular circumstances. As rules and regulations pertaining to a pension transfer are amended on a regular basis, the local conditions of a particular jurisdiction have to be understood before making a pension transfer, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Offshore Company Growth in Uruguay

We like to keep our fingers on the pulse of offshore company development news as it happens. Have a look at this news coming out of Uruguay.  

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pension Transfer to Suit Your Pension Needs

Pension Transfer
If you have concerns about your pension policy this article may be helpful to you. On retirement, especially if you don’t have any sources of income, having a correctly placed pension policy is crucial. You may wish to consider a pension transfer as this may be a great option to secure optimal growth for your retirement pension fund.


What There Is To Know About Pension Transfer

A Pension Transfer normally occurs when you change your job. A pension transfer is also advisable if your company’s economic stability is shaky and your job is at risk. You can never predict the future and as such it s a good idea to keep abreast of trends and monitor any signs of weakness with your current pension provider and effect a pension transfer when you consider it necessary. Transferring a pension is a challenge, you must go through the pros and cons of a pension transfer before proceeding. If you choose to transfer your pension policy then select a fund where you can expect greater benefits and ensure that you don’t lose a significant percentage of your funds in costs.

Pension Transfer Can Be The Solution

A pension transfer is advised if you are not satisfied with your current pension provider, the fees on your current policy may be exorbitant or the fund may not be growing as expected. Before making any decision with regards to a pension transfer, you should seek professional advice. An advisor can help you in getting you the best pension deal on offer. The rules and regulations governing pension transfer change on a regular basis so a pension specialist can provide you with updated information regarding pension transfers. They can create personalised pension plans which best suit your financial situation. When transferring your pension to another fund you also need to consider early or voluntary retirement options and benefits. Transferring a pension without professional advice is not recommended as this is a complex process.

Combining Pensions With a Pension Transfer

Pension Transfer
If you have numerous pension policies then you may wish to combine them into single pension policy. In some cases consolidation of pension policies has positive results. but this process can be risky. If there is no positive level of growth with the consolidated pension policy then you may end up losing significant percentage of your personal funds. If you want to pension transfer overseas then you must also be aware of exchange rate fluctuations, an unfavorable exchange rate may result in losses.

Understanding what transfer charges are involved is important before proceeding further.Pension transfer costs vary with different policies, investigating these will inform your decision and a pension transfer may be the most advantageous option for a happy retirement with peace of mind. Establish what is your best option with regards your Pension Transfer.